About Me

Hello! Welcome to my website. My name is Xinghao Huang. I am a Ph.D. mechanical engineering student working in Professor Hangbo Zhao’s research group at the University of Southern California. My research focuses on developing novel sensors for soft robots and medical devices. I also have a wide-range of interests in precision instruments, mechatronics, and machine learning. 

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My Areas

Microfabrication for flexible/stretchable electronics

Since 2020, I have acquired key skills such as lithography, transfer printing, FEA, and controlled mechanical buckling assembly. With these skills, I began to design and fabricate various 2D/3D piezoresistive and capacitive sensors. 

Soft robotics and conventional robotics     

Robotics inspired me to study mechanical engineering. Through years, I have developed various rigid-link robots and autonomous vehicles. Part of my recent research will also focus on the sensing and reconstruction of soft robots. 

Precision instrument and linear system   

The internship experiences at Bruker, Lumentum, Denali Photonics, and Alcon, along with previous research/projects, allowed me to build various mechatronic systems that are capable of both precise motions and accurate sensing.


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